Ginger and Petunia

The Story

Virginia Vincent Folsum, better known as Ginger, is a very elegant lady. An accomplished pianist, socially active—and what style! “You are what you wear” is her motto. But Ginger’s greatest passion is her pet pig, Petunia, whom she pampers endlessly. When Ginger is called out of town for a performance, Petunia is left on her own. Donning Ginger’s stunning gowns, Petunia poses as Ginger and conducts business as usual, with no one the wiser. Hilarity ensues as Petunia becomes the toast of the town, proving Ginger’s motto that you really are what you wear.

The Artwork

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From Booklist

Socialite Virginia Vincent Folsum, aka Ginger, is an accomplished pianist and devoted owner to her pet pig, Petunia. Called away to perform in London, she arranges for a sitter--who cancels--so Petunia does her best to carry on, as Ginger would. At first Petunia's masquerade goes very well--listening to piano students, tooling around in Ginger's little red sports car, and dancing the tango with the mayor--but her hectic schedule doesn't allow time for her restorative mud baths, and gradually cracks begin to appear in Petunia's perfect facade. In desperation, she dives into a vat of chocolate mousse at the Black and White Ball, temporarily soothing her skin and disposition. Polacco's comic portrayal of pampered pet and attentive owner is spot-on--and her characteristic watercolor illustrations highlight both characters' sense of fashion and joie de vivre. Reminiscent of Jim Henson's Ms. Piggy, Petunia will endear herself to children and adults alike. A delight from start to finish, this makes a great choice for reading aloud or one-on-one sharing. Kay Weisman
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Ginger and Petunia